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G W M, 28, 6', 200 lbs., brownish/blonde hair and blue eyes. I've been incarcerated for almost seventy months now and its taken me a good half of that to find my true self and to be able to be at peace with myself. The family that I thought I had seemed to forget about me, but its only made me stronger. I'm looking for someone special, someone charming and someone I can open up to and share my feelings with. I'm looking for loyalty, companionship and someone willing to take a chance. Life is all about taking chances, right? I don't play games. When I'm loyal, I'm deeply committed to whatever it is I'm loyal to and I want this special someone to be the same. We do have e-mail here, but to be honest, "snail-mail" can be quicker. Hopefully I'll be hearing from my special someone soon! See my photo here!
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