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D W M, looking for a WF, 40 to 55 for a LTR. I am a N/D, N/S, no tattoos. I am financially secure and alone. I just want to meet that special someone to share my day to day life with. Look me up, you won't regret it. Thank you.
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S W M, 45. I’m not getting any younger and Summer, 2017 is fully upon us now in full swing and hotter by the day. Well, I'll start by saying my story/upbringing is rough and nobody has been where I have and/or had to live it. I have a lifelong battle with cerebral palsy (CP) since birth which caused my right eye to be blind. I can walk, but not far. I'm thankful my health is 110% and don't need a wheelchair, crutches or walker getting around. We should be thankful for the gifts we have every day instead of taking them for granted like one's health and/or being able to walk and get around or maybe lending a listening ear to somebody and being a good listener. What would we do if we couldn't ever walk again or listen to another note of music or whatever. We don't think about that, but we should! Nobody knows what I go through everyday with my many challenges from my disability making me live on a fixed income. Some things can't change!! I'm far from a burden, bum, deadbeat or "special needs" guy. I have every bill is paid monthly/food on the table/roof over my head and all one needs. I don't use drugs/don't drink alcohol. ISO S/DWF, 25-40, who'll love me right/accept me as is, fixed income, disability, etc. with no lies/no hidden agenda. I'm a man who does everything with a firm handshake deal that being my word you can bank on with 110% honesty/trust. I know how important teamwork/communication is and will do that and don't have a hidden agenda and will hold/value you and will listen to you at all times, even the middle of the night. However, I don't need nosey women, women who use people/places to your advantage, women who lie/scam people, women who are all talk and no action, women who play head/heart games and/or other silliness. Having feelings for me beyond friendship is a must, so if you can't do that, let's not waste each other's time. Frankly, my time is valuable!! Only those who are serious need to leave your name, area code and phone number so I can call about getting together with me!! If travel is a problem, stay the night. I'm in Loogootee, IN with room!! I'm a man with brown hair/eyes, burr haircut, clean shaven, weigh 200 lbs. and stand 5' 8". My likes: Top 40 pop/country music, TV/movies, eating at home, Chinese food and buffets!! Love hard or not at all, love happens fast at first sight!!
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S W M, My name is Joe, I am 80 yrs. old and in good health. I have been single since my wife passed away 3 years ago. I live in Huntingburg, IN. I am looking for a good woman that loves God to treat like a lady. I go to church every Sunday and don't believe in being mean to a woman. I have a 1997 Pontiac to get around. I would love to meet someone who likes country music. They have it here one time a month. Please write if interested.
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S W M, 58, 5' 8". I love fishing, campfires and taking walks. No drama, no head games. Like to go out for dinner and have fun. I enjoy hugs, kisses and holding hands. I'd like to hear from that special someone with the same qualities and interests.
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