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S W M, young, energetic 60, wanting a serious relationship. Love movies, romantic dining and travel. Live in Bloomington, IN. Looking for 40-60's lady to spoil and just treat like a lady. You deserve this. Loving guy who is financially secure, no debt. I'm very active. Let me make your life happy with soft hugs and romance.
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S W M, 51, 5' 0", 180 lbs., prefer to meet and keep in touch by phone. I like to shop, eat out and ride around in the country.
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S W M, I am 62, 6' 1", 200 lbs. I don't do frugs, drink sometimes. Working does not bother me. I am a 6 year army Reserve veteran. I have a Sam Elliott look I'm told. I have worked in factories and drove semis. Looking for a female companion. Will relocate.
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S W M, 45. I’m not getting any younger. Welcome to late Summer/early Fall 2017. Why does love have to be so hard? Is there a woman out there who loves/accepts men as is, handicapped and all? Today is all about ones money/job. There's more to life than one's money/job. Some of the richest people I've known never had a dime. My story/upbringing is rough. I do live a tough life being handicapped with my many challenges. If you walked in my shoes you'd know how tough I have it. I'm dealt a bad hand of cards in life with a lifelong battle with cerebral palsy (CP) since birth which made my leg muscles tight and my right eye blind making me live on a fixed income and you can't change that!! There's a big void in my life that only a woman's love can fill. Love is at first sight having feelings for each other beyond friendship, showing each other affection like holding hands/cuddling, being there for each other every day/night 24/7, even in the middle of the night giving each other 110% honesty/trust at all times. Seeing with our hearts, jumping in both feet first and holding each other. That's love. Can a woman do that today? This isn't a tough sell. I'm thankful my health is 110% and don't need a wheelchair, crutches or walker getting around. I'm far from a burden, bum, deadbeat or "special needs" guy. Every bill is paid monthly/food on the table/roof over my head and don't drink alcohol/don't use drugs which speaks volumes. ISO S/DWF, 25-40, who'll love me right/accept me as is with no lies/no hidden agenda. Having feelings for me beyond friendship is a must, so if you can't do that, let's not waste each other's time. Frankly, my time is valuable!! However, I don't need nosey women, women who use people/places to your advantage, women who lie/scam people, who play head/heart games and/or other silliness. There's no time for this!! I know the importance of teamwork/communication, holding hands/cuddling, listening/being there even in the middle of the night. Only the serious need to leave your name, area code and phone number for someone/something real, not what I want to see/hear!! If travel is a problem, stay the night. I'm in Loogootee, IN with room!! I'm a man with brown hair/eyes, burr haircut, clean shaven, weigh 200 lbs. and stand 5' 8". My likes: Top 40 pop/country music, TV/movies, eating at home, Chinese food and buffets!! Love hard seeing with your heart, giving me 110% for a greater outcome!!
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S W M, my name is Charley and live in the southern part of Pike County on a farm. I'm looking for a companion or friend, a female around my age of 59 years old. Prefer to meet and keep in touch on the phone because I'm disabled and can not go far from home. Will be faithful and true. Height 6' 1", and weigh about 203 lbs. Would like to have someone in southern Pike County or area. Hope to get get a reply in the mail soon.
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D W M, looking for a WF, 40 to 55 for a LTR. I am a N/D, N/S, no tattoos. I am financially secure and alone. I just want to meet that special someone to share my day to day life with. Look me up, you won't regret it. Thank you.
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