S W M, 37 years old, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, bi-sexual. I'm a top though. I'm getting out in about 8 months and I'm very interested in meeting new people. I'm very sexual and spontaneous. I have been deprived for years. I make everyone around me laugh and smile. If I hear from you, I'm open to whatever may come. I'm a musician, a guitar player. I love to ride motorcycles and I do own a Harley Davidson. I would love to hear from you, as I am new to all this. So please, don't leave me waiting. I'm running out of time, and frankly, I'm very happy about it! Ask me anything. Nothing is off limits and everyone is welcome. I hope to hear from you soon! See my photo here!
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S W M, 30, 6' 2", 220 lbs., black hair, baby blue eyes, a lot of tattoos, no kids. I love to fish, hunt, four wheel and go camping. I'm just an old country boy raised up rough. I was taught to work since I was 7 to 8 and can do about anything. I was in a serious relationship for 9 years, but she died during surgery. After that I felt like I lost everything and started to act stupid and got myself put in here. I'm a grown man, my heart is starting to heal and I take responsibility for what I did and am taking programs so I can hurry up and get out. It would be nice to hear from someone besides my family, so this is an ad to introduce myself and hope to hear back from someone soon. Have a wonderful day and I'll try to do the same.
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